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Using visual aids:  juror retention can increase by as much as 60 percent (as low as 20 percent with oral input only, up to 80 percent with oral/visual), while reducing the duration of the trial by as much as 50 percent.

In today’s courtroom, keeping the jury’s attention keenly focused on the facts and evidence introduced in a case is paramount.  While flipcharts, chalkboards, static photos, and text documents help convey your points – a jury now expects a more visual and dramatic experience.

Courtroom Advantage Inc features state-of-the-art interactive electronic presentation technologies to persuasively and powerfully present the evidence in your case.  With more than 9 years of experience and thousands of cases, we would love to join your team.

Observations have been made in numerous post-trial jury surveys regarding the use of technology, finding that appreciation is expressed to the party who has made an effort to speed up the process, thus helping to shorten the jury service time. Additionally, although using technology does not necessarily directly influence the verdict, one can safely assume that if jurors understand one side of the story more clearly than the other, it will carry into deliberations.